Climbing Jacob's Ladder: Teaching & Counseling Orthodox Students

Editorial Reviews:

      Written with the compassion and sensitivity of a talented therapist, teacher and administrator, Dr. Henry Roth has integrated key principles of psychology, education and religion, in a clear, well-organized manner. The religious narratives provide an excellent example of the importance of the interplay between religion and psychology -- a main thesis of this wonderful book. The book is also enhanced by the warmth and peacefulness of paintings by the author's wife, Dr. Lorraine Roth. Climbing Jacob's Ladder is a comprehensive, insightful and most practical book which will enhance the work not only of those working with orthodox students, but also anyone working in a mainstream school setting.

      ...Neil J. Fialkow, M. D.,
      Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
      Consultant to the Jewish Child & Family Services of Chicago.

      Dr. Roth's book fills a need in the literature for educating orthodox students with emotional problems complicated by religious obligations. The book is clearly written and well organized, with many real case examples and useful snapshots of children. Dr. Roth also sprinkles his text with many compelling religious examples that beautifully illustrate his message.

      ...Janet W. Lerner, Ph. D.,
      Author and Professor Emeritus of Special Education
      Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago.

      Some youngsters who feel they cannot hold their own in the school environment may take out their anger by rebelling against their parents and the religion that put them there. Dr. Roth has made a thorough study of the problems that are encountered in therapeutic day schools. Climbing Jacob's Ladder is essential reading for all educators, and is equally important for parents.

      ...Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M. D.
      Hasidic Rabbi, Psychiatrist, Author
      Founder and Medical Director of Gateway Rehabilitation Center in Pennsylvania.